by Mt. Honey

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released November 25, 2013

All songs written by John Shanahan
Performed by Mountain Honey (Karson Meckeler, Gach Zoldberg, + John Shanahan)

Recorded/Engineered by Andrew Rubner @ Sad Fat Studios
Mixed/Mastered by Andrew Rubner + John Shanahan



all rights reserved


Mt. Honey New Jersey

Mountain Honey was a triad of kids trying to make some things

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Track Name: Louisiana
Lately, latent lackluster luxuries
are it for me.
It seems the oceans come between
kindred islands.
Volcanic activity,
A "South-Pathetic" tragedy of legs that forgot how
to stand still.
Just stand still and BREATHE.

Lately, listening leads me to believe
there's more to this story that --
You're just not letting me BREATHE.

Looking through it, living in the life that I --
Should've said softer,
Shouldn't shoot shapeshifts,
But I left leaving little things to listen to later when I last left Louisiana.


Just breathe.
I'm right here.
Would you look at me?
You don't have to run anymore.
Track Name: Like Wolves
Forgotten fruit-borne tree,
As I think of you, do you think of me?
Father, fast asleep-
As I see you, do you see me?

Winds of Fall,
temperatures of treason.
We're wounded(,) fawn(ing),
fucked for the change of seasons.

Prolific byway,
A potpourri of places where,
like wolves, we wept.

Our bodies in labyrinth repose,
Like seas, we rose.

Like wolves, we wept.
Track Name: Moving
Pretentious pro-activity means what to me?
Tiled pathway cracks, green grows between.
From where does your
satisfaction stem?
I don't think I've said anything
That justifies this end
or the means.
From where does your
satisfaction stem?
You said, "Think of all the things we've learned!"
"You taught me all there is to know about
running away from everything and all the best ways to get high!"
I'm so sorry.
But moving on.
Track Name: Passage
The decision to leave this behind (these people, this place) is one better off not made by me. I lost track of time somewhere in your mind. The way back, now, I can't see.
I can't see!
I didn't ask for this. Any of this. But if you're offering, I'll accept the gift.
Rose sky, true-eyed night becomes morning fog, heavy on the treetops.
Track Name: Wonder
I wish when winter came, we wouldn't wait for someone else to blame,
And I,
I wish what wasn't there would've wandered somewhere into fair truth.
And if we continue, I want to thank you--

One more:
And I wish that words would waste your time so I could
find someway out of here while you wondered.

While you wonder.

I wish within this wit there weren't worms of spite that tainted it,
but I,
I can't apologize for wanting ways to whet my melting mind.
I guess I'll act my age: 'It's just a phase, right.'
Not gonna die, but it wouldn't hurt to try.

Where was I,
And I'd like to take this time to thank you
for showing me all it really takes to be--
I finally see--
The exit.
...And I'm under while you wonder.

And I'm under while you wonder.
Track Name: Centipede
This entity creeps up on me (sweetly),
Warm peripheral voice of morality.
This entity never leaves me.

A frame of faultless boundary,
from forearms in between.
Perpetually bound and peripherally seen.

The Water shows us how,
it takes us with the sea.
The Water slows us down,
and that's alright with me.

I know you didn't particularly ask me,
please excuse my informality,
but when Brother Moses passed
in the land near Jericho,
do you think Pharaoh would've begged him not to go?

"Ooo," said the serotonin in my head,
"when the rain comes, we're leaving you for dead."
The sirens sing their songs beneath my bed.
Oh god, just please don't take my friends.

I, I think its high time that I,
That I decide:
where it is that I'm gonna stay,
And what it is that I'm tryna say.

With my face in my hands:
"Where will I land?"

And, "If not lost, then what am I?"

What am I?
Track Name: To Places Beyond
to the valley, shaded by mountains behind.
I cannot see through dust and tears-

The wind will carry my ashes.